At Savoring Thyme, we realize that life is just so darn busy sometimes, making it hard to get those sit-down, home cooked meals on the table and get everyone around it at the same time too.  Well, we can help with part of that problem at least by providing a variety of locally sourced, balanced meal options for you to purchase and take home.  Depending on the selection, you may be baking it at home, or reheating and serving!  But no worries!  No matter what meal options you choose, we will provide complete directions for you.  In fact, if you would like your options to be all made to go from freezer to Crockpot, just let us know on your order.  All of our offerings freeze well too, so order double of some of your favorites to have a stash for those last minute guests and changes in plans. 

We offer several different types of dishes and sides to please multiple palates.  While we do have multiple entrees, including meatless options, we are always open to suggestions and requests, and will update as we are able to.  We want to know what works well, as well as what doesn’t because our goal is to truly make your life easier!  

The “Un”Take-out